There is no more denying or postponing it. The ceiling has water stains. You’ve discovered some roof tiles in your yard. Your attic is home to birds, squirrels, or raccoons (or all three, yikes!). Whatever the situation, the symptoms are clear: it’s time for a new roof.

The Best Roofing Contractor for the Job Can Be Found

Finding the best roofing contractor is the first step in getting a new roof or repairing an existing one.

Check out the Guicho Home Improvement network of independent roofing contractors to find your region’s finest, licensed roofers.

The independent roofing firms and contractors in ourGuicho Home Improvement Network have been chosen for their dedication to customer service, dependability, and expert quality.

Furthermore, they must fulfill high standards and tight regulations, which include:

Having all necessary state and local licenses.

Having a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.

Financial soundness and customer service are being scrutinized.

Hiring a Professional Roofer vs. DIY

Putting up a new roof or repairing an old one is a major undertaking and a significant financial commitment for your house. Working with a trained and reputable roofer familiar with roofing materials, safety, and building laws and requirements can guarantee the project is done correctly. You’ll also have warranty choices, ensuring The roofer will provide a long-term warranty on their workmanship.

To repair or replace a roof, you should look into DIY Roofing. However, we strongly suggest dealing with a professional roofer for your requirements!

Choosing a Roofing Contractor Checklist

Most homeowners start with a list of two to five roofing contractors and visit with two to three of them before deciding who to choose for the work.

Searching for competent roofers online or collecting recommendations from friends and family are two methods to start building a short list of roofing contractors to consider. Still, they may only provide you with some of the information you need to determine who is and is not competent.

13 Inquiries to Make Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

1. Who is competent and who is not.

Without knowing all of the information about the contractor, basing your choice only on recommendations or a gut feeling is perilous, so here are 13 questions to ask to help you narrow down your pick and choose the perfect roofer for your project:

2. Do you have sufficient insurance coverage? 

Your roofer should be insured to safeguard your property from unintentional harm. Guicho’s Home Improvement Platinum and Preferred Contractors must have at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance.

3. Do you offer additional warranty* and quality** coverage? 

Your roofing contractor should be able to provide a limited warranty that covers quality. Guicho’s Home Improvement Roofing Platinum and Preferred Contractors offer three Roofing System Limited Warranties that cover material and workmanship for up to a lifetime**.

4. Will you explain the terms of my warranty?

Your roofing contractor should go through your warranty with you.

 Make it obvious who to contact if there is an issue. Determine if damaged shingles are replaced at a prorated replacement cost or the original cost and whether labor costs are extra. Learn more about Guicho’s Home Improvement roofing warranties.

5. Which roofing materials are you going to utilize on my roof?

Because not all roofing supplies are the same, be sure your roofer works with a reputable company. Find out more about Guicho’s Home Improvement roofing materials.

6. Will you provide me with a written estimate?

Your roofing company should present you with an estimate that accurately describes the work to be done and any work that may need to be outsourced.

7. Do you follow all of the local construction codes?

Your roofer must be familiar with and follow all local construction regulations.

8. Please provide me with a reference list.

Request recommendations and contact a couple of them.

9. Will you perform a thorough inspection?

Your roofing contractor should evaluate the complete roofing system, including the deck, attic, flashing, chimney, soil stacks, and roof penetrations, and look for storm damage. Request recommendations and contact a couple of them.

10. Will you check for adequate ventilation?

Your roofer should inspect the current attic ventilation and explain the significance of appropriate ventilation. This should entail evaluating the roof inside the attic to ensure the present ventilation system is operational. Improper ventilation may cause shingle deterioration and void your manufacturer’s warranty. Use our calculator to determine the ventilation required for a healthy and balanced attic.

11. Will you install synthetic underlayment?

As the initial layer of protection on your roof deck, roofers will install either a synthetic or felt underlayment. If you want improved protection against leaks, water absorption, and mold, ensure the contractor uses a synthetic substance rather than felt. Find out more about Guicho’s Home Improvement synthetic underlayment.

12. Will you install ice and water barriers?

Additional ice and water barriers may be installed between the shingles and the wood deck.

It required depending on many variables to prevent ice damming, wind-driven rain, or collected water. Learn more about ice and water barrier products from Guicho’s Home Improvement.

13. Will you follow the manufacturer’s specifications?

Because an incorrect application will void your manufacturer’s warranty, your roofer should comply with and adhere to all manufacturer’s guidelines. Product specifications for Guicho’s Home Improvement RoofingDownloads are accessible on all product pages and in our Document Library.

Please explain the operation of my roofing system.

Your roofer must provide a full description of the complete roofing system and how all of the pieces interact so that you may make informed judgments. Build Your RoofTM allows you to choose each layer and component of your Guicho’s Home Improvement Total Protection Roofing System.

If you have questions regarding any of Guicho’s Home Improvement Roofing Contractor Network’s independent roofers, please get in touch with 862-292-9892 or visit the website now.