All The Rage: These Top 3 Curb Appeal Trends Are Captivating Homeowners in 2023

What are this year’s newest curb appeal fashion trends? The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) reports that 2023 will be all about substance over surface-level beauty and that performance is just as important as appearance in determining attractiveness. This is in line with the explosive surge in the popularity of metal roofing in the United States and Canada.

The following are the top three residential metal roofing trends for 2023, according to the MRA.

1. Homeowners are Duped by the Ominous and Dramatic

The towering, dark, and attractive mansion are certain to draw attention for some reason. For their metal rooftops, homeowners seeking serious curb appeal are choosing rich hues of the darkest gray that border on midnight black.

The use of metal, not just for the roof but also as metal-clad siding, is the ultimate embodiment of this style. It is stark, clean, and highly modern. The good news is that premium metal roofing in dark hues still achieves significant energy savings and better solar emissivity to help keep a home’s interior cool and electricity expenses low. This is made possible by high-performance coatings. It is also a fantastic option for protection in locations that are prone to wildfires because it is metal. This aesthetic is the dark knight of eye-catching 2023 fashion trends, especially when paired with a front door or garden elements in a vibrant hue.

2. Allure Is the Big Deal This Year (of Anodized)

An anodized aluminum metal roof is the only thing homeowners need to consider if they want to strike, never boring curb appeal style. Anodizing minimizes color inconsistencies while highlighting the organic aluminum alloy’s natural luster and metallic richness. This gives it a deep, three-dimensional tint that celebrates and highlights the alloy’s inherent beauty and signals to the community that this isn’t your typical roof.

Anodized aluminum has a far deeper beauty than meets the eye. This is due to the fact that anodized aluminum is not coated. Instead, it is made via an electrochemical process that turns aluminum into aluminum oxide, giving it incredibly strong, long-lasting, and damage-resistant qualities. One of the toughest surface treatments available, anodized aluminum protects against rust and corrosion, resists nicks and scratches, and resists corrosion. It is especially well suited to coastal environments and uses, where corrosion can damage even coated materials.

3. Forget Boring: Homeowners Are Enticed by Mix-and-Match Combinations

Given that metal roofing has more shades, patterns, and designs than almost any other roofing material, it’s simple to mix all kinds of options, including stamped, stone coated, various patterns, shapes, and colors. Homeowners are utilizing metal’s many alternatives to their maximum advantage as a highly adaptable material, mixing various appearances and designs to draw attention to architectural details like turrets, dormers, porches, and outbuildings. Using more pricey alloys, like copper, as an accent in addition to other metals is an excellent method to draw attention to unique rooftop elements without going over budget.

“More homeowners are becoming aware of the potential hidden on their rooftops. Why cover your property with a dull roof when there’s a chance to improve both functionality and curb appeal? The sky’s the limit for how far you can go when you pick metal, according to Renee Ramey, executive director of the MRA, with a trained, experienced installer, high-quality material, and some vision and inspiration.