Why Insulate Your Home During Summer

Improved house insulation is a common wintertime goal for many people. However, it also helps keep your air conditioning from escaping heat.

On one of those sweltering summer days in New Jersey, that conditioned air in your house becomes all the more appealing. You may boost your comfort and save money on your power cost by making the most of your air conditioner and properly insulating your house.

Increased attic, crawl space, and wall insulation are all significant problems in many houses today. Many older homes lack sufficient insulation due to a lack of stricter requirements in the 1970s and 1980s. An “R-value” is used to measure a building’s insulating capacity. The greater the heat flow resistance, the higher the R-value. A home energy audit may reveal that you require more insulation if you’re experiencing excessive energy costs.

1. Comfort & Ease

It’s a one-step process. Outside, it’s hot and muggy. You want as much as possible between that and the cool, conditioned air you breathe inside. Indoor comfort can also be achieved by keeping the humidity outside. Choosing the correct insulation can help with both of these issues. Of course, you’ll see a return on your investment all year long. Heat and cold can be kept out of your home by installing a solid insulating barrier.

Leakage near windows, outlets, and vents has an additional drawback. In the form of drafts, the air from the outside regularly finds its way into our homes. With the proper insulation, you won’t have to put up with nasty drafts all winter.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

The effectiveness of a home’s insulation can be significantly enhanced.  Insulating your home is an excellent way to save money on utility bills. It is imperative in places with higher utility costs, such as the Tri-State area.

For energy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) claims that Tri-State residents spend more. They pay a whopping 32.4% more than the typical American. Natural gas costs them 17.5% more than the national average. Adding insulation is a wise investment for households in this area.

The cost of power in New Jersey now ranks seventh in the United States. The cost of energy tends to rise with time. Insulate your home now and watch your savings grow over the years. According to the EPA, attics, crawl spaces, and walls can save an average of 15% on energy costs. Even in newer homes, the savings can be substantial. Consider how your home stacks up against the EPA’s “typical U.S. home.”

Customers’ carbon footprints are reduced when they improve their home insulation. Because they utilize less energy, they can lessen their carbon footprint.

3. Prevent Pests

Insulation makers commonly use boric acid and other boron-based additives as fire retardants. These medicines also protect pests and rodents.

This type of protection may not be present in the insulation, particularly in older residences. Animal damage can sometimes lower R-values; this includes damage caused by rodents such as mice and squirrels. R-values can be improved by replacing old, ineffective insulation with newer, more efficient products.

Insulation installers can also seal up the holes rodents are using to get into your attic during the process.

4. HVAC Protection

The greater the load on your air conditioner, the weaker the insulating barrier between the warm outside air and indoor space. Your air conditioner has to work harder as more hot, humid air enters your home. 

Every ten minutes or so, an air conditioner should be turned on and off. Cycling times can be significantly slowed down by inadequate insulation. Premature wear is expected with so-called “short cycling.” There is a danger to the life of the compressor motor, fan motor, or controls. Costly repairs or early replacement may be required as a result.

Your air conditioner will run more efficiently if you have proper insulation. During the sweltering summer months, this is especially vital.

5. Better ROI

New insulation is one of the few home improvement projects that pays for itself in the long run. The more energy you save, the older your insulation is. It’s not uncommon for people to recoup their investment within five years or less. Within two or three years, some will experience a return of 100%.

You’ll still be saving money even after you’ve recouped the cost of your first investment. Many homes will save tens of thousands of dollars over the next decade or two. With lower utility expenditures, a well-insulated house may sell for more money if you decide to put it on the market.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, it’s more cost-effective than complying with outdated regulations. When your insulation shows symptoms of water or bug damage, replacing it’s even more prudent. If your insulation is old or discolored, it could release harmful particles into the air.

Wayne NJ Roofing’s competent installation of various types of insulation ensures that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

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